"Art must be life — it must belong to everybody. "

-Marina Abramović 

According to our club's constitution...

"The main goal of GOURD Visual Artists is to be a community of artists at Georgia Tech. 

GOURD will provide members with a weekly meeting place to make art, in addition to organizing a public campus exhibit in which members will be given the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work.

Additionally, the community-based nature of GOURD should foster collaboration, peer critique, and anything else related to the visual arts within Georgia Tech policies based on members' desires."

We strive to create this community of artists and encourage people who may not consider themselves to be an artist to try something new.  New ideas are always welcome!  All of our presentations are student-lead, so if you have artistic expertise, please contact our officers about presenting at one of our weekly meetings!

If you are looking for something in an art club or would like to provide feedback, let us know!  We love hearing from you and are always looking for ways to improve and expand GOURD!



GOURD Visual Artists is open to any Georgia Tech Student.  We host a weekly meeting and encourage anyone interested in learning more about art to join us!  No skills are required!  Our officers will layout art equipment and you can use any of it, or bring your own materials!  During some meetings, we will host special events and presentations to showcase a certain media or style, but participation is always optional.