Welcome to GOURD Visual Artists!

"Creativity is contagious,

pass it on"

-Albert Einstein 

The main goal of GOURD Visual Artists is to bring Georgia Tech's artists and art enthusiasts together to explore and appreciate art. We organize weekly meetings for members to get together and sketch, paint, sculpt or doodle out their thoughts. You can try out different media and techniques, learn from each other and have fun! If you would like to spend two hours to work on a drawing, ask for advice, or show us what you have been working on while enjoying some light snacks, you can do that while hanging out with us. If you would like a calm space to work on art silently, that is okay too, we can provide that for you!

The community-based nature of Gourd fosters collaboration, peer critique, and anything else related to the visual arts, within Georgia Tech policies, based on what members would like to do. And we all love art!

We are a fun, quirky, accepting group of artists, so come join us every Friday!  We always emphasize that NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED!

Come try something new!


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